The industry of motorsport is a quite demanding place, Gregory definitely earned respect of the industry in many of the paddocks! He's a pro and good friend.

Eduardo Muñoz, Alpinestars

A talented photographer with a keen eye for color, shadow and action. A pleasant and gregarious personality combined with energy and tenacity.

Faris Al Mazrui, Abu Dhabi

With his marvelous talent, Gregory has shot many of my best moments on the tracks, with pictures full of art. He has followed my career with naturalness, professionalism and high quality work.

Esteban Gutierrez, Sauber F1 Team

Gregory is a man who works with passion and dignity... A genuine nice guy and a very good photographer.

Ricardo Gelael, Jakarta, Indonesia

Gregory has worked for Top Cable several times. His portrait pictures are awesome and he reflects the spirit of our events like no one else. He has a gift to catch the soul of the people.

Eva Yañez, Top Cable, Barcelona.

I have known Gregory since his days as a karting photographer and was already impressed by his work. Since his step up to Formula 1, he not only has evolved in the style and pictures he takes, but has remained the same person I have known all these years. This is practically impossible to find in F1 and makes one of the most honest professionals I have come across in this business. Every weekend I am impressed by what I see he has taken. I would say he is one of the top three F1 photographers currently around.

Alfonso de Orleans, Racing Engineering

Gregory has followed me since my early days in karting and I have always been amazed by his pictures. He has a gift to be at the right place at the right momento and plays with light, which make his pictures unique.

Jules Bianchi

I’ve been using Gregory’s services since a long time ago now and his work is always of very high quality. He has an eye for photography but also to detect the very good drivers, which is a very important aspect in my profession.

Nicolas Todt, ART Grand Prix

We started to work with Gregory since I was in karting , he always provided me with extraordinary pictures , which I am always having a pleasure to watch!

Daniil Kvyat, Toro Rosso