The Photographer

Gregory Heirman was born in Brussels. After finishing his business studies, he worked for many years in Barcelona, first as a financial controller and later as an IT manager. He is now based in Cambridge, UK.

At the age of 37, he took the most important decision of his life, by leaving his job and embracing his two childhood passions: motor racing and photography.  Having studied photography in the well know GrisArt School in Barcelona he started his new career with inmediate success.

In 2004 he founded the photo agency FotoFormulaK, which is nowadays highly regarded by many professionals. He also won twice the CIK-FIA Photo Award.

Having covered more than 250 races, in more than 75 tracks, he has travelled all over the world, spent so many hours in airplanes and visited some 100 airports.

However his curiosity is never satisfied and the will of seeing a broader world drove him to bring his expertise to new areas. This is how he started working for the industry sector and also for all sorts of events. With a well known devotion to the Battle of Britain, his next project is now… in the sky!